The Daily Diet

Hello readers! I mentioned toward the beginning of summer that I would post my daily diet so that you could get an idea of what I’m eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that this is a diet that works for me and my own person goals, which are to gain weight by building muscle rather than lose weight which would require a different diet. Feel free to use this as inspiration to figure out a diet for your own goals!

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I Tried Making Healthy Ice Cream and This is What Happened

Hello loves! With summer here I have been doing my best to eat healthy and maintain a solid fitness routine so I am confident and happy with myself. Of course, starting a healthy diet is never easy, especially within the first few days (or weeks, really). I have been craving every sweet under the sun and almost caved in — until I scrolled through my Pinterest feed and came across this blog detailing how to make healthy ice cream.

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