FULL DISCLOSURE: What I Eat Daily to Stay in Shape

After posting my blog on my at-home ab routine, a lot of people have been messaging me about what my daily diet consists of. Spending day after day in the gym without seeing results can be really discouraging. People often forget about the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen,” when putting in all that hard work. Working out is only half the battle on your journey to abs!

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Banana Oatmeal Raisin Protein Pancakes? Yes Please!

My roommate and I are always trying to find healthy ways to eat our favorite foods, one of those being pancakes. We also always joke about being hungry an hour after eating, so finding recipes that allow us to add in some protein powder to stay full is always a plus!

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The Daily Diet

Hello readers! I mentioned toward the beginning of summer that I would post my daily diet so that you could get an idea of what I’m eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that this is a diet that works for me and my own person goals, which are to gain weight by building muscle rather than lose weight which would require a different diet. Feel free to use this as inspiration to figure out a diet for your own goals!

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I Attempted Healthy Banana Bread

Hello readers! I have been craving everything sweet with trying to maintain a healthy diet (as it always happens when you try and be healthy) and I had a bunch of ripe bananas in my kitchen. I used to bake banana bread all the time a couple of years back, but at that time in my life I didn’t care about living a healthy lifestyle and know that it was a beyond unhealthy version (whoops).

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I Tried Making Healthy Ice Cream and This is What Happened

Hello loves! With summer here I have been doing my best to eat healthy and maintain a solid fitness routine so I am confident and happy with myself. Of course, starting a healthy diet is never easy, especially within the first few days (or weeks, really). I have been craving every sweet under the sun and almost caved in — until I scrolled through my Pinterest feed and came across this blog detailing how to make healthy ice cream.

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