Caffeine Hour: America’s Cup

There are too many coffee shops to check out in Asbury (not that I’m complaining). If you’ve been reading my blog and my last two blog posts (if you haven’t you can find them here and here), you know that my roommate and I made it our mission to scope out some of the best in Asbury my final weekend of college. America’s Cup was third on our list.

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Caffeine Hour: Twisted Tree Cafe

If you didn’t read my last blog post on Asbury Park Roastery, you may want to click over there now! I mentioned in the blog that the coffee company advertises that they sell by the cup and by the bag. The Twisted Tree Café in Asbury has taken advantage of that and serves their organic coffee and espresso!

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Caffeine Hour: Asbury Park Roastery

Another day, another opportunity to scope out new coffee shops! After all, this blog is brought to you by coffee. To make my last weekend of college memorable, my roommate and I planned to spend our Saturday checking out a few of the many local coffee shops in Asbury Park that we had heard so much about. Stay tuned for more posts on those to come!

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Caffeine Hour: Saxbys Coffee

Hello lovely readers! I’ll admit that I have way too much to write about and simply not enough hours in the day to write it all! This last semester of college has been a bit crazy with balancing classes, being an editor for my school’s paper and applying for jobs (let alone everything else). But enough with excuses; I know the reason you clicked on this article was to find out another location you can get your caffeine-fix (as I am always trying to find new places for).

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Caffeine Hour: Bean Vault Coffee in Hoboken, NJ

Today I went on a day trip to Hoboken, NJ to walk around, enjoy the beautiful weather and take some pictures (I’ll make sure to include a link to my blog post featuring some awesome pictures I was lucky enough to have a friend take of me). With going to Hoboken comes scoping out some new coffee shops as the city seems to be known for theirs. As soon as we got there, we stumbled upon Bean Vault Coffee, a small coffee shop nearby the parking garage we ended up at. The shop is small and perfect for those who are on-the-go.

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Rise and Grind (Summer Morning Routine)

Hello readers! I have been having a small case of writer’s block when it comes to picking out what to write about that might interest you. This morning, however, I am feeling extra motivated to get more content on my blog and really be able to get it to its full potential. Thus, this blog about my summer morning routine. This is just the routine that I do most mornings and maybe some of it will inspire you to switch up your own summer morning routine!

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