Wine in the Afternoon at Cream Ridge Winery

The week leading up to my college commencement ceremony, a few of my friends and I thought it would be fun to do a group wine tasting. Going to a winery is something I’ve been meaning to check off my to-do list since turning 21, but I never quite got around to it. Luckily, Cream Ridge Winery offered the perfect laid back and intimate wine tasting experience.

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Nic in the City

We’re barely two weeks into 2018 and I’ve been lucky enough to visit my favorite city twice. There’s just something about the New York City air (cue sarcastic joke about pollution) that gives off a vibe like no other. The atmosphere is incredible and this city is the reason why I know I’m not likely to ever move too far away. Consider this blog a dedication to the best city there is.

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Photoshoot in Red Bank, NJ

I’m finally back living in my favorite area as my last semester of college begins! My roommate and I decided to take advantage of the light workload (for now) that we have and visit one of our favorite nearby towns: Red Bank.

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A Hike You’ll Want to Add to Your Bucket List

Something I’ve been trying to do more and more this summer is to appreciate the beautiful world that we live in. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology as much as the next person, but there was a time that I would stay in my bed on my phone checking various social media platforms instead of enjoying the sunny day right outside my window.

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That Time I Went to an Abandoned Gingerbread Castle

This summer has been all about me finding new places to adventure around my home state, New Jersey. I think we often don’t realize that there are so many adventures to be found not too far from where we are, we just have to look in the right places. Yesterday I decided to make my way to Hamburg and visit an abandoned Gingerbread Castle that used to be part of an amusement park. I found out about the castle on Instagram and it being about 40 minutes away from me meant that I had to check it out for myself (after all, it’s a Gingerbread Castle!).

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Photoshoot at Asbury Park Boardwalk, NJ

I love Asbury. Going to school so close to the city has given me such an appreciation for all it has to offer. One of the things I love most about Asbury is the amazing artwork on the boardwalk. My brother and I decided to take a spontaneous trip down there earlier this week to enjoy the weather and get some pictures.

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21 and Fun at Iron Bar in Morristown, NJ

Last weekend in celebration of me officially turning 21 and fun I had some friends from college come up to celebrate! We went to Iron Bar which is supposed to be a pretty popular bar about 40 minutes from where I live.

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Caffeine Hour: Bean Vault Coffee in Hoboken, NJ

Today I went on a day trip to Hoboken, NJ to walk around, enjoy the beautiful weather and take some pictures (I’ll make sure to include a link to my blog post featuring some awesome pictures I was lucky enough to have a friend take of me). With going to Hoboken comes scoping out some new coffee shops as the city seems to be known for theirs. As soon as we got there, we stumbled upon Bean Vault Coffee, a small coffee shop nearby the parking garage we ended up at. The shop is small and perfect for those who are on-the-go.

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Pool Day Necessities

Now that summer is officially in full swing (thank you, 90 degree weather) a pool day essentials post is overdue! There is nothing I love more than going to the pool on a hot summer day when I can’t make it all the way down the shore. The best part is unlike going to the beach, I don’t have to make a day out of getting a tan and enjoying the water.

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Stop What You’re Doing and Visit Beignets in Denville, NJ

Happy National Donut Day! I told myself that I wasn’t going to celebrate this amazing holiday in an effort to be healthy and fit for summer, but a little splurge never hurt anyone (and how could I possibly resist with all of the pictures flooding social media?)

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