OOTD: Thrifted Finds

If you haven’t had the chance to go thrifting – I highly recommend you change that ASAP. Whether it’s an oversized sweater or a retro tank, there are so many hidden treasures you’ll stumble upon for a ridiculously low price.

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Review: Riverdean Watches

A few weeks ago, Riverdean Watches reached out to me via email asking if I would want to be an Influencer for their brand. Normally, I’m not one to do influencer content, but I happened to be starting a new job and had been meaning to get a new watch, so I figured there couldn’t be any harm. While I am an influencer for the brand, I still intend on giving my honest thoughts on their products.

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I Ordered Prescription Glasses Online and This is What Happened

I’ve had the same pair of glasses for over four years, so you could say I’ve been overdue for something new. But as a recent college graduate, I was not in the market to be paying $400 for a nice pair of frames (let alone prescription lenses). When I heard about EyeBuyDirect, I was happy to find out I could afford a new pair on a recent college graduate budget.

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OOTD: Let’s Go to the Beach

I’ve mentioned this in a few earlier blog posts: my #1 rule when it comes to fashion is comfort. Of course this doesn’t always apply, but I try to make sure my day-to-day wardrobe is suitable for day-to-day wear. Going on vacation this past weekend, I wanted to look stylish (gotta get that ‘gram) while still keeping my #1 rule in mind.

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Summer City Attire: Jumpsuit Edition

There are a few fashion staples I swear by and one of those is jumpsuits. Growing up going to New York City, I would always struggle between finding a balance of something that is chic and fashionable but still sensible and comfortable (especially with all the walking that’s bound to be done). Typically, I go for something casual paired with my Nikes. However, my most recent city excursion called for me to face my seemingly never-ending city outfit dilemma.

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I Bought a Bathing Suit Set Online for $10 and This is What Happened

If you haven’t heard, a brand called Romwe has been surfacing along with a few other online brands that are offering trendy clothes for incredible prices. I was skeptical of the quality and the legitimacy of trying one of these sites, but I decided to take the plunge and expand my bathing suit wardrobe since I haven’t been able to allow myself to spend $20+ on a top or bottom alone.

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Photoshoot in Red Bank, NJ

I’m finally back living in my favorite area as my last semester of college begins! My roommate and I decided to take advantage of the light workload (for now) that we have and visit one of our favorite nearby towns: Red Bank.

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That ’70s Outfit

Summer weather is finally here and with that comes picking the perfect outfit to compliment the heat. During my travels to Hoboken, NJ today I was lucky enough to have one of my close friends capture some #instaworthy pictures featuring my #OOTD.

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