Why You Should Add “Songs with Our Eyes Closed” by Tyler Kent White to Your Poetry Collection

I’m a huge fan of poetry, and am always looking for new books to read, but I find that a lot of today’s poets opt for simple, straightforward words. While there’s nothing wrong with this, I prefer something that is more artfully crafted. When I was on the hunt for a new book to purchase, I stumbled across “Songs with Our Eyes Closed” – Tyler Kent White’s debut poetry book that came out last summer. Here’s why you need to add it to your collection.

Tyler Kent White is a poet I’ve been following for years on social media, and someone who is truly gifted with his ability to beautifully express how he feels through his poetry. Whether it’s a poem about love or self discovery, I find that even if I don’t directly relate to a poem, I can still emotionally connect to it because of the way he paints a picture with his words. Rather than go into detail giving away endless spoilers (you’ll have to pick the book up yourself if you want to read more – I promise you won’t regret it) I thought I would share a few of my favorite poems from the book here to give you a taste of White’s work (all images are courtesy of White’s Instagram).

This poem is a prime example of why I love White’s poetry so much. Though the words themselves are simple, the way he threads them together is undeniably beautiful. I love how he ties lines by using the last word of one to start another.

While certainly not as romantic as the first poem, the way White refers to love as having an expiration date is a metaphor I’m sure most of us can relate to.

Another poem to show how beautifully White ties his words together; this is another extremely relatable piece. Most of us have experienced the process of searching for ourselves. A favorite line from this poem is,

“and an old map

from the back of a cereal box”

Short and sweet, as a hopeless romantic I always love poems about love. This poem, while not as intricate, is one that hit home as soon as I read it.

This final favorite showcases the way White is able to so clearly paint a picture through his words.

These are only five of the many poems packaged inside “Songs with Our Eyes Closed.” If you’re searching for a new poetry book filled with beautifully written pieces to add to your collection, look no further (of course, I’m totally biased as this is my favorite poetry book to date).

xoxo Nic


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