I Did My Own Eyelash Extensions at Home for Under $10

Eyelash extensions are arguably the biggest beauty trend at the moment. While they used to be something celebrities or the well-fortuned indulged in, I’ve come across more and more millennials splurging to have gorgeous, long lashes. I found myself looking into their cost and maintenance but, with my recent college graduate budget, couldn’t allow myself to commit to something so expensive. Yet here I am, less than $10 later, with a full set of thick, lengthy eyelashes.

If you’re like me and desperately wanted to get in on the eyelash extension trend, you’ve probably researched ways to do them yourself. After all, who doesn’t dream of waking up and rolling out of bed with an envy-worthy set of lashes? There are quite a few beauty gurus on YouTube who have in-depth tutorials on doing your own lashes at home. I used these as my guide for what products to purchase, how to apply them and to learn more about maintaining them (click here and here to check out the videos that helped me the most). I even watched Jenna Marbles attempt to give herself eyelash extensions using the same methods with no luck. Even with seeing her unsuccessful attempt, I was still determined to try and see if I could pull off giving myself eyelash extensions at home.

PSA: Just as the videos stress, they are not professionals and I am not one either. You can attempt to do this at your own risk (and I personally did not find it difficult) but keep in mind that your eyes are very fragile and if you don’t feel 100% comfortable, you should probably see a professional to get your lashes done. 

What I Used

  1. Ardell Individual Lashes Starter Kit (under $8)

…Yes, that’s it.


  1. Ardell Individual Lash Short (under $4)
  2. Disposable Mascara Wands (under $4)

What I Did

Just as the videos explain, the starter kit gives you virtually everything you need to do a full set of lashes. I recommend buying two at a time so when your extensions start falling out with your natural lashes and need to be filled in as with professional lash extensions, you have replacements on-hand and ready to go. I personally find that the “short” lashes are very long and used those throughout the majority of my lash as I wanted a set that would be acceptable for everyday wear. Because of this, I purchased an extra pack of just the short length.

I poured a tiny bit of lash glue onto a piece of paper, used the tweezers to pick up each lash, dipped the bottom of the lash in the glue and applied. At first it can be a little tricky to figure out the best way to hold your tweezers and pick up each lash for your own comfort, but once you do figure out what works for you applying each lash is a breeze (Tip: try taking a lash in your tweezers and placing it on your lash line before putting glue on the end to practice so things don’t get messy for the real deal). I did each eye in about 20 minutes starting from scratch. I used the short length throughout and about three medium length lashes on each outer corner.

You may be thinking that this process is the same as applying a lash strip, but it differs in a few ways. First, the glue used is a semi-permanent glue meaning that it will last on the eye much longer than lash glue that’s used for a one-day application. Second, by using individual lashes, you’re allowing each fake lash to be attached to a natural lash which gives an overall more wearable look that will last longer.

How I Maintain Them

Within the first 24 hours of applying your lashes, avoid getting them wet. This is the same process as with professional eyelash extensions. Afterwards, while you can get them wet, avoid doing so as much as you can so they last longer. I generally try not to wet my face when showering, use a washcloth when washing my face to avoid excessive water and use oil-free makeup remover with a Q-tip when going near the lash line to remove makeup. I no longer wear liquid eyeliner, which helps with the makeup removal process, but you can as long as you’re careful when removing it. I occasionally brush my lashes with a disposable mascara wand to ensure they are all in place.

How Long Do They Last

So far, my at-home eyelash extensions have lasted two weeks and counting. I’ve only had to replace one lash in the beginning which was due to my own error in applying it. I have showered, gone to the gym and worn makeup with them with no issues whatsoever! If I’m being honest, I don’t think I’ll be going back to mascara ever again.


If for some reason you do want to remove your lashes, I don’t recommend the lash glue the provide. There are reviews that it can burn your skin, so I didn’t want to risk trying it. Instead, coconut oil will do the trick!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

xoxo Nic


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