Hiking the Stairway to Heaven

I’m always looking for new hikes and new sights to see. For me, a hike is such an underrated adventure. It truly allows you to appreciate the beautiful world we live in and often take for granted.

I have a list of places nearby (or that could be a doable day trip) that I want to visit. It’s almost like a bucket list. This summer I’m making it a goal to check off a majority of them. One of those places was the Stairway to Heaven.

One of the things that truly stood out to me on this hike was how peaceful it was. It wasn’t one of the most difficult hikes I’ve been on, but that makes it an ideal place for me to bring people like my mom who aren’t looking for a hardcore workout but rather beautiful scenery (don’t get me wrong though; it’s definitely still a workout).

The majority of the hike consists of following a boardwalk. Even the sections that don’t have the boardwalk are still well-made paths compared to other hikes I’ve experienced. This was a perfect, peaceful end to a long work week. You’re surrounded by vast fields of seemingly endless green most of the trail. You’ll come across some big and small bridges on your way too.

Located in Vernon, New Jersey, I highly recommend you check it out. If you have a dog, I saw quite a few people taking advantage of this hike as a place to bring their furry friends for a long walk in nature.

Here’s to the first of many hikes this summer and appreciating the simple things life has to offer.

xoxo Nic


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