Summer City Attire: Jumpsuit Edition

There are a few fashion staples I swear by and one of those is jumpsuits. Growing up going to New York City, I would always struggle between finding a balance of something that is chic and fashionable but still sensible and comfortable (especially with all the walking that’s bound to be done). Typically, I go for something casual paired with my Nikes. However, my most recent city excursion called for me to face my seemingly never-ending city outfit dilemma.


Jumpsuit: $19.99 (Marshalls) ONE CLOTHING

For my brother’s 24th birthday, we wanted to celebrate by going to the well-known 230 FIFTH Rooftop Bar. Of course, that meant wearing something a little nicer than sneakers. My outfit of choice was a lose fitting jumpsuit and a pair of comfy, slightly platformed sandals from Kensie.

Sandals: $24.99 (Burlington) KENSIE

This jumpsuit had the perfect city vibe. The black and white stripes complimented the sleek architecture of the city (and looked great when taking pictures at Guggenheim).

Rest assured, its not likely I’ll be opting for anything other than a jumpsuit from now on. Not only was a completely comfortable in the 76 degree weather after walking a very long nine miles (my brother and I prefer to walk everywhere to take advantage of any impromptu photo locations we pass) but I was also able to get some great pictures of me in something other than gym attire.

I couldn’t ask more from my O.O.T.D.

xoxo Nic


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