Wine in the Afternoon at Cream Ridge Winery

The week leading up to my college commencement ceremony, a few of my friends and I thought it would be fun to do a group wine tasting. Going to a winery is something I’ve been meaning to check off my to-do list since turning 21, but I never quite got around to it. Luckily, Cream Ridge Winery offered the perfect laid back and intimate wine tasting experience.

For $5, you can enjoy up to 10 delicious wines. I’ll admit at first I thought they were a little sparse with the amount of wine given for each glass, but they ended up letting us try way more than ten wines (and we ended up being just a little tipsy by the end).


My group of friends and I went on a Monday. Rather than going on a weekend when everyone decides to go, I think going on an “off” day gave us the best experience. We had a group of 8 girls, allowing us to be able to give feedback to each other and enjoy our wines rather than being rushed with a large group of strangers we would likely be grouped with had we gone on a Saturday or Sunday.

And, of course, we had plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful backdrops for photos. If you find yourself in Cream Ridge or nearby, you won’t be wine-ing about this stop. Below you’ll find a few of my favorite wines and their descriptions as per Cream Ridge Winery. You can check out their full list of wines here.

10 Delicious Wines You Need to Try

1. Jersey Berry ($15.95) – “NJ Cranberry & Chardonnay – OMG you didn’t?”

2. Catawba ($14.95) – “Fruity, sweet rose style – great after dinner or with cheese and fruit”

3. Blue Mooney ($16.95) – “Merlot and Blueberry Wine (NJ Original) Named after our founder Joan (maiden name was Mooney)”

4. Pineapple Wine ($14.95) – “100% Costa Rican Pineapple! Lightly sweet. Enjoy with spicy thai or BBQ!”

5. Mango Wine ($16.95) – “Golden goodness in a glass! 100% Mango! Goes great with BBQ or Thai food!”

6. Peach Wine ($18.95) – “100% Locally grown peaches! Light and subtly sweet!”

7. Plum Wine ($14.95) – “We have 2 acres of beach plums. Our plum wine dances and comes alive in your head – made from 100% plum.”

8. Spring Tide Sangria ($12.95) – “Spring is in the air and our Spring Tide Sangria celebrates the ocean, tides, spring breezes and flowers and green popping up!”

9. AlmondBerry ($10.95) – “If it were not for AlmondBerry we would not be here today! 28 years running our #1 best seller. Raspberry and Niagara wine with almond accent. LEGENDBERRY!”

10. JavaBerry ($16.95) – “Release November 14th Sugar & Spice Open House A Cream Ridge Winery favorite… Blackberry wine made with espresso beans roasted at Rojo Coffee Roaster in Lambertville, NJ”

Happy wine-ing!

xoxo Nic


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