Walmart Yodel Boy Put Out an Original Song and It’s Actually Good

For those who don’t know, 11-year-old Mason Ramsey is a viral internet star from southern Illinois who is quickly edging his way into the country music industry. After a video of him singing “Lovesick Blues” by Hank Williams at a Walmart in Kentucky went viral (Walmart themselves shared the video here), Mason has been making appearances all over.

His first big break was when Ellen DeGeneres invited him to come on her show. With his adorable interview (watch it here), Mason also performed the song that started it all. Ellen surprised him with three big things: a $15,000 scholarship from Walmart to put towards college, a livestreamed concert at his local Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois and the opportunity to fulfill his dream of singing at the Grand Ole Opry.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 9.12.02 AM.png

Since his appearance, Mason has had a lot of opportunities come his way during his first month of fame. Dance producer Whethan brought him out on stage for his debut performance at Coachella (where he met Justin Bieber and made the crowd go nuts just by pointing at them).

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 9.34.03 AM.png

Of course the most noteworthy opportunity involves Mason being a signed artist with Atlantic Records and Big Loud. His first song, “Famous,” was released on April 27, 2018 and was co-produced by Corey Crowder and Joey Moi. Corey has worked on songs for Chris Young, Cassadee Pope and Jake Owens to name a few while Joey has played roles in songs for artists including The Chainsmokers, Florida Georgia Line and Nickelback. With these two on his track, it’s no wonder “Famous” is bound to be topping to country charts soon (he’s currently #22 on the iTunes charts and keeps rising).

Whether you are a fan or country or not, there’s no denying this song is unbelievably catchy and is no doubt going to be a major success. Despite his youth, Mason is a strong singer who’s vocals sound just as good live as they do on the record (which is almost unheard of today). If you don’t believe me, go listen for yourself. This 11-year-old may just be the Justin Bieber of country.

If I’m gonna be famous, I wanna be famous for loving you, Mason Ramsey.

xoxo Nic



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