First Impressions: Invasion of Cardi B

Ever since her release of “Bodak Yellow” in June 2017, artist Cardi B has been making quite the name for herself. I’d be lying if I said I don’t belt the song every time it comes on my car radio or at the bar. It’s the ultimate rags to riches jam and simply put: badass.

After dropping her single “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage in December, fans have been on the lookout for a full album. When word got out that “Invasion of Privacy” would be released in April, I started setting my expectations pretty high.

What I love about Cardi B is her attitude. In some ways, the sass and fun in her music is very similar to OG Nicki Minaj (and for the record, the two stars don’t have any beef. Listen to a recent interview with Cardi B about it here). 21 Savage wasn’t the only name she collaborated with on this record; you’ll find songs featuring Chance the Rapper and SZA along with other artists.

Let me skip around and give you a few first impressions:

“Be Careful”

When “Be Careful” went public, I’ll admit I was a little nervous her album wasn’t going to have that attitude I know and love about Cardi’s music.  After first hearing it, I was left wondering where the independent and boss Cardi B went. After a few listens, of course, the song grew on me. While it isn’t the sound I’ve grown used to from her, it shows a more (slightly) sensitive side of Cardi that a lot of people can relate to. She still has lyrics that subtly pack her attitude (“It’s not a threat; it’s a warning”). Still, the song is a tad more mellow than my favorites.


Featuring Kehlani, “Ring” is certainly not a replica of the sass in “Bodak Yellow” but is definitely a jam of its own. Starting off with Kahlani’s killer vocals and going into Cardi’s verse, the lyrics are solemn but relatable. This was a really solid collaboration in my book allowing Cardi’s music to transfer over to a more soulful R&B sound.

“Money Bag”

This song gave me complete “Bodak Yellow” vibes and was exactly what I was looking for with this album. I love when Cardi gets into her craft and puts attitude behind every word; which is exactly what she does with “Money Bag.” It’s undeniably catchy and (like “Bodak Yellow”) makes you feel equally as badass as her when jamming along.

“I Do”

I might be convinced anything SZA touches is gold. “I Do” is another solid female collab that I can’t get enough of. The opening immediately reels you in and the beat continues to keep you hooked. The first line, “I left a n***** on read ’cause I felt like it,” (and the whole song) screams #girlpower and independence. I’m calling summer anthem on this one.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to her album yourself, I highly recommend it. These tunes will pump you up for your workout, long road trip or when you’re simply feeling yourself.

I’m all about this invasion of Cardi B. What are your thoughts?

xoxo Nic


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