How I Made My Own DIY Bangs (& You Can Too)

Let’s be honest: most of us have had an undying desire to see what we’d look like with bangs. Whether they’re blunt, choppy, long or short; there’s always that “what if” in the back of our heads. So what if you had a dramatic childhood experience? If that model on your Instagram Explore page can pull them off, they can’t be that bad; right?

While I’ve certainly been having the urge to take the plunge for quite a while now, I just can’t seem to commit for fear of missing my long locks. Luckily, DIY clip-in bangs are the perfect way to get your bang-cravings out of the way without any permanent damage.

Disclaimer: I’m not a hairdresser in any way! I’m just your average gal with a pair of haircutting scissors who’s cut her own hair (and DIY bangs) for a couple of years now. Take what you will from this!

What You’ll Need

  • One 3-clip weft hair extension
  • Haircutting scissors
  • A desire for a new hairdo

What I Did

I’ve had hair extensions since my junior year of high school. At the time, I had cut my hair and instantly missed its once long length. To cope, I purchased a set of 20″ 160 gram hair extensions from Luxy Hair in chocolate brown. I really can’t say enough about these. The quality is incredible, the length is perfect and the amount of hair you get for the price is more than you need. This is great because though I no longer wear my hair extensions all the time, I have extra wefts I don’t mind sacrificing for, say, DIY clip-in bangs.

Step 1: Measure

I first clipped in the 3-clip weft to get an idea of the length I wanted to go for. Part your hair in the middle and clip about an inch back on your head. Of course, the length is going to vary based on your face shape and the look you’re going for.

Step 2: Cut


Based on the length you’re going for, cut your bangs as straight as possible. Remember that cutting them a little too long is always better than cutting them too short.

Step 3: Trial & Error


You now have the start of your bangs. Clip your bangs in again and see what you’re working with. Determine if you want to make them shorter, stick with a blunt cut or if you want to have them appear more choppy.

Step 4: Feathering (Optional)


I wanted a feathery/choppy look for my bangs and wanted to thin them out so that they weren’t so thick, blunt and harsh. I used a “feathering” technique to do this. Simply cut up into the hair rather than straight across, diagonally etc. It takes a little longer to cut the hair and get the look you’re going for, but this technique is a lot more fool proof than blunt cutting.

Step 5: Straighten (Optional)

Once you have your bangs to your liking, the trick to having them look natural is to straighten them in a curve so that they lay properly against your forehead when you’re wearing them (I admittedly skipped this step because I was too eager to take pics). While you certainly don’t need to do this, it’ll help keep your bangs from laying weird, sticking out in certain places and appearing uneven due to lifting in only some areas (guilty as charged).


Hopefully this blog gives you the courage you need to commit to a bangin’ new look (even if it’s temporary).

xoxo Nic


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