Why You Should Eat Oatmeal for Breakfast

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re likely to see me posting a picture of my morning bowl of oats approximately once a week. Oatmeal is my go-to breakfast that I just can’t get enough of.

I’m always asked about what I eat and how much I eat of it to stay in shape. Those who have read my diet post know that I am very flexible with what I let myself eat and that most days are started with a bowl of oatmeal.

You don’t have to spend extra time in the morning whipping together an omelet, protein shake or smoothie bowl. You don’t have to spend extra cash either. Oatmeal, one of the simplest and cheapest breakfast foods you can make is about to be the holy grail to your fitness goals.

The Benefits

There are seemingly endless benefits when it comes to eating oats. The warm bowl is a good source of necessary nutrients such as B vitamins and fiber, lowers LDL cholesterol (i.e. your risk of heart disease) and can help you on your journey to lose weight.

I find that a cup of oats with cinnamon in the morning along with fruit (usually a banana and blueberries) keeps me full, energized and satisfies my tastebuds. If you’re trying to keep up healthy eating habits, what more could you want in a meal?

What Type Should I Eat?

So what’s the best oatmeal to eat? If you’re new to eating oats for breakfast, you may be wondering what the difference is between steel cut, rolled and instant oats. What’s the best option to get all the health benefits?

The way that these oats are processed is their main difference. All of these oats have the same nutritional value with their differences being the amount of time they take to cook as well as their texture; so take your pick!

Steel cut oats are whole oat groat that has been chopped up. They take longer to cook and have a thicker texture so they may not be what you’re looking for in your morning bowl of oatmeal.

Rolled oats, also known as old-fashioned oats, cook faster than steel-cut oats and are steamed and flattened when processed. These are great for a bowl of oatmeal and other baked goods.

Instant oats are the most processed and are pre-cooked. They cook the quickest (hence their name) and are great for a bowl of oatmeal because of this but have less texture.

Whatever your choice, I confess that I am an advocate for a warm bowl of oatmeal in the morning (and I’ll admit sometimes for lunch or dinner, too).

xoxo Nic


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