FULL DISCLOSURE: What I Eat Daily to Stay in Shape

After posting my blog on my at-home ab routine, a lot of people have been messaging me about what my daily diet consists of. Spending day after day in the gym without seeing results can be really discouraging. People often forget about the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen,” when putting in all that hard work. Working out is only half the battle on your journey to abs!

As always, I would like to say that I’m not a professional, but rather someone who loves living a healthy lifestyle and has a goal of getting strong. I am at a point where I don’t have to lose weight, but rather have a desire to build muscle and not gain excess fat. I’m sharing what I’ve learned through both research and trial and error with you. With that in mind, take what you will from this blog post!

A Little Diet History

If you don’t care to read about my old dieting habits, feel free to skip this section and get a day-by-day look at what my current daily diet looks like.

I didn’t decide to take an active step toward committing to a steady diet plan until the end of my freshman year of high school. While I was not changing my diet as a way to lose weight, I did change my diet in a way that drastically allowed me to do so.

I followed a pescetarian lifestyle for three years. For those of you don’t know, a pescetarian is a vegetarian who still eats fish. I decided to cut meat out of my life but thought that it would be easier to transition into such a different diet if I were to still consume fish.

Some notes I would like to make:

  • I was the only person in my family who was a pescetarian. This made it difficult for me to actually get the proper nutrition I needed because I was the only one who had food limitations.
  • With that being said, I did not do this lifestyle properly. I was young and figured that I was getting enough nutrition. I started to get dizzy spells frequently where my head would spin and vision would blur momentarily. Nonetheless, I stuck with the diet.
  • I was not working out during this time. I did not start consistently working out until the second half of my freshman year of college.

I stopped being a pescetarian my senior year of high school before going into college because I decided it would be too hard to have so many limitations with a school meal plan. I definitely did not eat healthy during my freshman year (I lived off of mashed potatoes) but because I wasn’t eating the right foods (making sure I got enough protein, etc.) I ended up being underweight for my age and height by the end of my first year of college weighing 105 pounds at 5′ 7″.

I started eating healthy and working out consistently come my sophomore year. I began tracking my food in an app called MyFitnessPal (that I swear by) by Under Armour. However, it wasn’t until the summer of my junior year going into my senior year of college that I got truly invested in my workout regimen and a healthy diet.

I signed up for the gym at home rather than only relying on my college fitness center. I began lifting every day. My goal had officially become to get strong because I was tired of being just skinny. I wanted to be fit and in shape and have muscles to show for it.

That summer I mostly ate breaded chicken cutlets with a side of vegetables for lunch and dinner and oatmeal with fruit for breakfast. I would have a protein shake in the morning as well after my workout. You can read a little bit more about it here. Of course, I still splurged on things like pizza, chips and burgers but in moderation. I barely drank anything other than water (especially alcoholic beverages) which allowed me to really cut any fat I had on my body and be left with mostly muscle from my consistent workouts.

What I Eat in a Typical Week

As mentioned above, I swear by the app MyFitnessPal. It makes it easy for me to get a rough idea of where I stand with the food I’m eating and my fitness goals. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Note: I don’t go crazy when logging my food. For example, I put flaxseed in my oatmeal but don’t feel the need to count for those calories as well as condiments I put on different foods. Of course, log as you see fit.


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For the most part, my breakfast stays the same each morning depending on the fruit that I have in the house.


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For lunch I generally have some form of chicken whether that’s in a sandwich or a salad. Of course, sometimes I switch it up with things like salmon or a toasted protein bagel with peanut butter.


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Just like lunch, I usually have some form of chicken or a turkey burger. I allow myself to eat things like tator tots and bread because I don’t see any harm in eating them in moderation.


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Most days I go to the gym first thing in the morning. I usually bring a Belvita with me on my drive there so that I have something in my stomach before working out. Granola bars, while not always the healthiest option, are my go-to when I’m on the run or need to pack an easy side (as you can see here). You’ll also see that I certainly splurge on things like chips and Twizzlers every now and then!

There you have it: an up close and personal look at what I eat from a random week in January. Hopefully this serves as motivation that you don’t have to sacrifice eating yummy food (or a good portion of it either) if you do it right. A balance of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle will allow you to achieve your fitness goals.

xoxo Nic


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