My 2018 Vision Board

Creating a vision board is something that has always been on my to-do list that I’ve never quite gotten around to (until now that is).

There are so many different types of vision boards. They can be digital versions through platforms like Pinterest or physical versions like the one I created for myself. I love the concept behind a vision board.

If you don’t already know, the point of making a vision board is so you have something to look at and remind you of your goals. People make them based on their fitness goals, career ambitions or like I did, as an overall motivator and reminder (to name a few). Being a visual learner, I believe that having a vision board is going to have nothing but a positive impact on my life!

What I Did

I grabbed an old bulletin board that I had in storage and decided to put it to use. You could easily use a piece of poster board from the dollar store as well! Then I grabbed stacks of magazines (Vogue, Glamour, etc.) and started cutting away. I wasn’t looking for anything specific other than things that struck a chord and rang true to me. Whether that was an image or a sentence didn’t matter. I also made sure to tear out pages with large backgrounds or patterns that I could use as the base of my vision board.

What’s On It

There are a few things that I focused on when creating my vision board.

1. Good Vibrations

The center of my board. I want this year to bring nothing but positivity and I am hoping to radiate positivity myself as well.

2. It’s Damn Good to be a Woman

If this phrase didn’t already jump out at you when you looked at my board, I wanted to stress that I love being a woman. With so many issues being addressed today I think that it’s important to just be reminded, “Hey, its good to be me.” I included some other phrases like this on my board as well.

3. Strong is Sexy

I love working out. I love being in shape. I love being strong. A lot of people can be intimidated or by a woman with strength or even consider that unattractive. I believe both physical and mental strength is undeniably sexy.

4. Unflinching Honesty

I’m a huge advocated for being honest and truthful. Even if it hurts, I would rather someone tell me the truth with no bullsh*t and that’s how I try to treat others as well. Being honest with someone, to me, is a huge sign of respect for that person.

5. Be Nice

Going off of that, there is so much hate in the world. Be kind. Be honest. Be sympathetic and empathic and feel for others.

6. Can

Can. Can. Can. Reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to.

7. “Ambition is NOT a dirty word.” – Reese Witherspoon


8. In with the New

I made this vision board in honor of the new year. While it’s certainly not necessary to wait until the new year to create one, mine just so happened to be made in that timeframe. The end of 2017 came with an end to a lot of things in my life. 2018 in truly a fresh page for me with new people and experiences and I’m embracing that clean slate fully.

9. Naturally Beautiful

I want to remind myself that no matter how many posts of “perfect” women I see and compare myself to I am beautiful the way I am, with all my imperfections.

10. Live in the Present

I can’t stress this enough. Be here now. Breathe. Don’t dwell on the past or the future; focus on the present.

Here’s to chasing your dreams and reaching your goals.

xoxo Nic


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