Living with Nic’s New Years Resolution

Happy New Year lovely readers!

It’s slightly crazy that 2018 is already here. This past year has marked so many changes in my life, both good and bad, that have all been blessings in the fact that they have built me into the best version of myself to date (keep a lookout for a blog post that I’ll be linking here this Sunday if you want to read about my personal milestones for 2017).

I wanted to take the time to document here a resolution that I have made for myself this year which is to make Living with Nic into the lifestyle blog I have always envisioned it to become (it’s not quite there yet).

While of course this blog is for myself so that I can always be writing and putting pen to paper (or fingers to keypad), I see so much more potential in Living with Nic.

Here are a few Living with Nic New Years Resolutions:

1. Consistent Weekly Blogging

My goal is to post a blog at least once a week (of course there may be times where I post more often than this). From now on, you can expect a blog from me every Sunday (feel free to enjoy while you drink your morning coffee). Yay!

2. Better Photography

While some of my posts have great quality photos, others are certainly lacking. I’m making a promise to myself to get better with having consistently high quality photos and graphics to go along with my posts.

3. Clear Formatting

While I have gotten better with this since the start of my blog, I find that having sections (like in this blog post) and pictures to break up a lot of text make a post easier to read.

4. Better Branding

I started this with the new coffee graphic I created for the header of this blog. I want to start solidifying all that is Living with Nic.

New Year, new look.


5. More Diverse Topics

After all, this is a lifestyle blog. I am going to be posting more about workouts, diets and recipes, fashion and beauty, food for thought, places I’ve found, and new music I’ve discovered; just as I originally hoped to. I promise to make sure that the content posted is worth your time.

While the New Year isn’t an excuse to start fresh, resolutions have to start somewhere. Here’s to the best year yet. 2018, Living with Nic is ready for you.

xoxo Nic


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