Life’s a Beach

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “Life’s a beach and I’m just playing in the sand.” I’ve heard this phrase time and time again. I have seen it used as a caption on endless beach pictures and I’ll admit it’s a saying that’s gotten pretty annoying. However, the other day I went down the shore with a friend of mine and had that saying pop into my head. I thought of how much meaning is actually behind those words.

I find that when we hear a phrase so often it loses it’s meaning which is exactly what happened to me with this one. I forgot that this phrase isn’t just a play on words, but an analogy for how we should be living our lives.

So what exactly does this phrase mean? We get so consumed in what we should have done, could have done and would have done. Life often becomes a routine. We lose the motivation and drive to go after what it is we were after in the first place. We settle. We become unhappy with where we are. I truly believe that if we took a second to take ourselves out of this continuous cycle we would be able to have so much joy in our lives.

Live life day by day and to live it fully. Take what life gives you and make it into something great. If life is a beach, play in the sand. Take life for what it is and make the most of it. Yes, this is a simple concept that could almost be viewed as self-explanatory, but I think the majority of us forget to simply live our lives and are so caught up in “what if”s and “could have”s.

Live in the now because you are here now. Perspective holds a lot of power.

The next time you hear this corny little phrase, maybe it will ring out true to you, too and serve as a reminder to enjoy and make the most of the life you live.

xoxo Nic


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