Join the Breakfast Club at Stella G’s in Hackettstown, NJ

This past Saturday was probably the best day of the year (my birthday, duh). Kidding. Maybe.

Since I was turning 21, I knew that I would be wanting to spend the night with some of my closest friends. My mom still wanted to celebrate, so we decided to grab some brunch in my hometown to do just that.

Brunch is arguably the best meal of the day (a meal where it’s acceptable to order breakfast and/or lunch food? Count me in). Stella G’s is a well-known town favorite when looking for a place to indulge in the meal of the not-so-early birds.

Offering an array of gluten free and vegetarian options (check out their menu here if you wanna risk getting hungry), Stella G’s is owned by a husband and wife. Their about page does a pretty good job at explaining why this tiny main street restaurant is worth all the buzz.

I ordered their banana raisin oatmeal pancakes with a side of bacon (just thinking about them is making me want to get in my car and go order some right now. Seriously.) and my mom ordered an egg white omelette with spinach and mushroom which came with toast (she chose to get their gluten free toast which tasted amazing) and a potato pancake (actually heaven on Earth).

I have yet to try out any of their lunch foods because I haven’t had the heart to pass up on their amazing breakfast options (I’m definitely a breakfast kinda gal) but if you’re even in the area I promise it’s worth the visit.

xoxo Nic


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