Caffeine Hour: Bean Vault Coffee in Hoboken, NJ

Today I went on a day trip to Hoboken, NJ to walk around, enjoy the beautiful weather and take some pictures (I’ll make sure to include a link to my blog post featuring some awesome pictures I was lucky enough to have a friend take of me). With going to Hoboken comes scoping out some new coffee shops as the city seems to be known for theirs. As soon as we got there, we stumbled upon Bean Vault Coffee, a small coffee shop nearby the parking garage we ended up at. The shop is small and perfect for those who are on-the-go.

What I Got: I tried their cold brew coffee with almond milk while my friend ordered an iced vanilla cappuccino with whole milk.

What I Thought: Their coffee was great. I’ll admit that I could have gone for something a bit sweeter, but that was my fault as far as what I chose to order.

Worth the Mention: What struck me about this coffee shop was how friendly and helpful they were. We asked what they recommended and they provided informative and honest answers that helped us narrow down the many options on the menu (which can be extremely overwhelming if you’re a coffee addict like me). Not only were they helpful, one of the workers insisted on making us a new coffee they were adding to the menu for us to try. Instead of giving us a small sample, he made us a whole other cup of coffee for us to enjoy. This new coffee was a lactose-free coffee and tasted absolutely amazing (we both enjoyed this coffee more than our own orders) and was an unexpected and very appreciated treat!

If you find yourself in Hoboken looking for a caffeine fix, I recommend you stop by.

xoxo Nic


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