That ’70s Outfit

Summer weather is finally here and with that comes picking the perfect outfit to compliment the heat. During my travels to Hoboken, NJ today I was lucky enough to have one of my close friends capture some #instaworthy pictures featuring my #OOTD.

When picking my outfit, I kept in mind that it was going to be a hot day and made sure to wear something that would keep me cool since I knew I would be spending the day outdoors.

Top: I opted for a floral bodysuit by the brand Gaze USA that I picked up at my local Marshalls for $12.99 (I swear by that store). This bodysuit is so soft and the quality is seriously noteworthy. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for more clothing items by them.

Floral bodysuit courtesy of Gaze USA/Marshalls.

Bottoms: My shorts were purchased at Forever 21 years ago and have been a wardrobe staple of mine. While they no longer make the exact item, you can purchase a very similar pair for $10. These shorts are sooo comfy!

Elastic waistband shorts from Forever 21.

Shoes: I went with white sneakers from Guess (here is a similar pair you can purchase that I personally love a lot more) since I knew I would be on my feet. Did I mention comfort is something that always comes first for me?

Sneakers brought to you by Guess.

Accessories: I finished my outfit with a pair of sunglasses from Target and a black scrunchie on my wrist to add to that retro vibe.

Sunglasses purchased at Target.

Enjoy these pictures and hopefully they’ll give you some outfit inspo for the upcoming summer days!

xoxo Nic



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