REVIEW: Revive Energizing Coffee Facial Mask

Hello loves! A little bit ago I purchased a top at Marshalls (my holy grail of all stores) but didn’t end up liking it and had to return it for store credit. I found something else in its place (of course) (I’ll have to do a haul at some point soon) but had $2 left of my card. Rather than saving the card for the future and risk forgetting to use it (because I know that I would have) I decided to scope out their beauty section and treat myself to a facial mask. I stumbled on this coffee mask and had to try it for obvious reasons (coffee).

I had no knowledge on the company prior to making my purchase, but it looked promising enough. After doing some research, Revive is a beauty line that is owned by the company Lifestyle Products. After looking at their about page, it doesn’t appear the company is too big and after digging around I’m not too sure they’re still making the mask.

Nonetheless, I decided to put together a review for you guys in case you happen to stumble on their brand or products at some point and are curious if they’re worth the splurge!


Product: Revive Energizing Coffee Facial Mask

Price: $2.99

Contents: Two individually packaged masks and one applicator brush


  • Helps improve skin texture over time
  • Spa quality facial in the comfort of your home
  • Mask brush hugs the contours of face for perfectly precise application

What I Did: I applied the mask as directed. I opened the individual pod and used the brush to apply the product to my face. The product had the same consistency as a lotion which was a little odd to me as I’m used to thicker facial masks. This made it difficult to layer or get on super thick.

I did my best to apply the product all over my face avoiding my eyes and making sure to use all of the product that was in the package. This was slightly difficult due to the consistency being thin and liquid-like.

The directions say to leave this mask on overnight and that’s what I did. I put the mask on about 3 hours before going to bed and did errands around my house. It was easy to forget that I had the mask on which was both good and bad because it was not uncomfortable in any way but I almost accidentally wiped it off a few times!

The longer I left the mask on, the more it absorbed into my skin. As the mask fully absorbed, some tiny streaks that resembled coffee stains were left on my face (I first noticed these on my forehead). When I woke up in the morning, I used a makeup wipe to remove any residue as instructed and those few “stains” came right off. The majority of the product absorbed into my skin before going to bed and therefore didn’t leave anything behind on my pillowcase.

What I Think: I first bought this product simply because it related to coffee, but I would honestly purchase it again. My skin felt so soft afterwards and had a dewy and glowing finish. I do think that this product lived up to all of its claims and it also had an amazing smell which made it even more enjoyable. I also like how each application comes in its own tiny package and that there is a brush to apply it so that product isn’t wasted by being absorbed into your fingers.

If you see this mask next time you’re at the store, I definitely recommend checking it out! Overall I would give it an 8/10; my only downfall being the liquidity of the product.

Let me know if there are any beauty products you would like me to review!

xoxo Nic



2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Revive Energizing Coffee Facial Mask

    1. I felt a tingling sensation when I used it! The mask was easy to sleep with because by the time I went to sleep the majority had absorbed into my skin so there wasn’t much residue that could have gotten on my pillow/sheets


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